čtvrtek 1. září 2011

Result of your voting!

Mick Jagger- 13 ay

                                                                 Keith Richards- 10 ay

                                                                Brian Jones- 8 ay

                                                               Charlie Watts- 5 ay

                                                                             Ronnie Wood- 3 ay

                                                           Bill Wyman- 1 ay

                                                                  Mick Taylor- 1 ay

6 komentářů:

Zuza řekl(a)...

great photos of everyone, especially Mick =D i love your blog!


a bid of mick is always good, isn't it?

Mary Lou řekl(a)...

oooh i love your amazing fotos!!! and keith was such an hottie ;)
well your whole blog is awesome, i think i have to follow you now;)
love and kiss,mary


MartilaMi řekl(a)...

Hi !!! This post is great and I love your blog... I follow you! I hope you'll visit my blog and you'll follow me! Kiss!

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Lucia řekl(a)...

oh how i love all these magnificent photos of such a legendary band.

Jaggerfan1 řekl(a)...

OOOHHHH, Mick Jagger, cutie then, cutie now!!