sobota 3. září 2011

Competition with Beautiful Dreams by Twiggy

Now here's a little competition, listen to this song on youtube and try to fill missing lyrics to this song.
Everybody who fills  new words can say the theme, which I have to write an article about on my blog and I'll make a diploma for him/her :)

Come closer darlin', closer to me
Come closer darlin', .......
Come beautiful dreams
Now I can see you, .......
Your face in the shadows, smiling at me
smiling at me
Oh beautiful dreams
Why did you leave me ?
Loneliness brings tears to my eyes
Now i want see you........
Only in dreams, beautiful dreams,
 Beautiful dreams, Oh Beautiful dreams
Why did you leave me ?
Lonelinesss brings tears to m eyes, my eyes, my eyes
Now I want see you ......
Only in dreams, beautiful dreams
Beautiful dreams, oh beautiful dreams
Oh beautiful dreams, Oh beautiful dreams, Oh beautiful dreams

5 komentářů:

DailyGlamour řekl(a)...

She looks so pretty

Marcela Gmd řekl(a)...

Fantastic post!!! I like your blog!!
I follow you now! I'm very happy if you follow my too!
Besos, desde España, Marcela

Bad Joan řekl(a)...

Love Twiggy!


Ninja řekl(a)...

you've picked hard lyrics to catch! :)

Now I can see you, sweet as can be (?)

Hope I got it right! :)

If I was right I'd love for you to feature 60s style coats, hats...autumn wear in general. Since it's really getting back in style right now.

xxxx irinja (

Rhiannon řekl(a)...

Wow, I never knew she sang!