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Factory Girl- Edie Sedgwick

This article is about my favourite film called Factory Girl.. A biographical film about Edie Sedgwick.

Edie was a beautiful girl from very rich, happy looking, but not happy family. She had 7 siblings, but two died. One of her brothers commited a suicide, because he was homosexual and his father didn't respect it and made bad jokes on him. Her second brother died in a car accident. If there were problems in their family, the "problematic" children were sent to mental home. Parents didn't trust Edie and her father sexually abused her as well.

Edie was studying art at university, but then she left to New York to become the real artist. There she met Andy Warhol, who was enthusiastic about her and wanted her to play in his films. She liked his "Factory" and he wanted to make a star of her. She said, that the time in Factory was the best in her life. But as it often  happens, she started to use drugs, which was slowly destroying her. Thereafter, she met Bob Dylan and fell in love with him, they had a great time together. The problem was, that he hated Andy Warhol and thought he will destroy Edie, but Edie didn't trust him and they broke up because of this. She said this was her biggest mistake to leave him. So she stayed in Warhol's Factory. Then she was sacked for drugs by Andy.
Drugs, loneliness and lack of money made wreck of her. In 1968 she went to Sanatorium.
In 1970 she was discharged from the hospital and a year after married another patient and in autumn 1971  in the age of 28 died of drug overdose.

Pictures from Factory Girl (Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick) :

Real pictures of Edie Sedgwick:

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Mary Lou řekl(a)...

oh what a great post!!! i´m a huge fan of edie sedgwick and i absolutely love her fabulous looks, she was really a serious fashion icon!!! oh and sienna miller did a great job playing her.

love and kiss,mary

Zuza řekl(a)...

great film, we have to see that soon together ;))

Nicole řekl(a)...

yes, we must, i'm looking forward, my friend =DD

Michelle Elizabeth řekl(a)...

I enjoy Factory Girl, but only as a fiction movie. Most of the "facts" are contrived to enhance drama. Sienna is wonderful as Edie though!

Ninja řekl(a)...

that movie's been on my to watch list for ages! I must must must see it as soon as I'm done with my exams :D
You've got another great template! :) This page looks different every time I visit- I love it :D

xxx irinja (


loved the movie a lot, Sienna Miller really was a great Edie!