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Roman Polanski & Sharon Tate

Roman Polanski was for all his life followed by tragedies. When he was a child, a jewish boy in Poland, during the second world war, his father and his mother were killed and he survived just because of hiding by his friends. He had almost died because of triple murderer, by this event he inspired his movie Repulsion.
Sharon Tate he met on shooting of The Fearless Vampire Killers, in which Sharon played and Roman was a director. In Europe he was very admired immediately and his fame was spreading over America too, but for him, America was too commercial, cursory and huge.
That was before he met Sharon, beautiful and lonely actress from Texas.
Their childhoods were absolutely different. She was born in 1943 as a loved daughter of American major. She was beautiful, had long legs, long blonde hair and won many beauty awards. On the other hand, she wasn't very happy of that. She was very confused, when photographers chased her. She hated when headwaiters refused her paying in restaurants. She always wanted to act, so she went to Hollywood as quite young. Sharon, after long time without any connection with films, met producer Martin Ransohoff, who made a great contract with her. Her first role, after long isolation and consecutive learning of acting, singing and dancing, was in The Eye of the Devil. Then came The Fearless Vampire Killers- and Roman Polanski.
They fell in love with each other and started living together. They were considered as a star couple. The did everything together- worked, played, participated parties....
Roman started taking care of her and directed her life. First they absolutely weren't about to get married, but after a short time, they changed their minds and ran to get married in London.
Then, they clueded in, that Sharon was pregnant and both of them were very happy. In the end of her pregnancy, Roman had to leave because of shoot to London. Sharon didn't care, because he called her every night to know, if she's OK.
It was 10th of August 1969, when Manson's "family" ramdomly chose Tate's house to kill everybody. They cut Sharon's and her guests' throats and painted with their blood "PIGS" on the wall. Sharon's body, just in her underwear, was suspended on a rope from a ceiling.
At that time was Roman having a party and somebody called him. He answered the phone and cried: ,,My wife and my child were murdered´´, then he fell apart.
After a short time, in the newspaper, started appearing awful news, about what sadism and orgies Sharon made. These unreal news were disgusting. Polanski spent a year with trying to find killers of his wife. Then they finally found the gang.
Roman was absolutely destroyed and hid into seclusion. Then he picturized many sad and nihilstic films and in 2002 won an Oscar with his The Pianist. In his private life, after Sharon's death, he was very desolate and shocked the society with affairs with very young girls and finally had to ran out of America, to avoid the court.
But in 1989 he married an actress Emmanuelle Seigner and hopefully he found a little luck.

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Alexis řekl(a)...

beautiful. I always thought Sharon was the love of Roman's life. They seemed so happily, deeply and truly in love with each other.

gloria řekl(a)...

Sharon Tate is one of the most naturally beautiful people I've ever seen!!

Summer.B řekl(a)...

she is so BEAUTIFUL xxxx

A Dandy in Aspic řekl(a)...

Nice Post, but there are some mistakes. Actually , it was only Polanski's mother who was killed during the war - his father lived until 1989.
He was indeed attacked by a serial murderer as a teenager, and that event inspired his first film he did in film school, called "The Bicycle" (now lost).
"Repulsion" was apparently inspired by a girlfriend of his friend from Paris many, many years later.
I reccomend his autobiography "Roman by Polanski" - it is really interesting.

Nicole řekl(a)...

Ok, thanks, I have also rewritten these information from one book, so it's probably wrong