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Brigitte Bardot & Roger Vadim

They met, when Brigitte was fifteen years old and started dating, he became her lover and their parents were against it. She started trying to make suicides. Finally, her father allowed them to marry, when she will be eighteen. Their first night as a wife and a husband, they spent in house of their parents  and her father commanded Roger to sleep not in Brigitte's bed, but in the the dining room. Brigitte screamed: I will make decisions about where will my husband sleep.´´ Her father replied: ,,What husband ?´´
They had to marry in the church, then they were considered as married couple by Brigitte's dad.
Roger thought, that Brigitte could be as great star and sex-symbol as Marylin Monroe in the USA, and he was right. In the age of nineteen she participated the film festival in Cannes, where she appeared dressed like a schoolgirl, but hot, just as Roger wanted.
In 1956 she had a main character in Vadim's film And God created a woman, she became a star and great sex-symbol. But it turned up, that Roger made a really good work- she believed the picture of her as a seductive nymph and behaved like that. They divorced in 1957. He married Annettte Stroyberg and had one son with her. Brigitte had lots of affairs and then married an actor Jacques Charrier. She gave birth to his son Nicholas in 1960. This marriage wasn't happy and she left both Jacques and Nicholas.
Not long after that, she tried to make another suicide. Vadim left Annette and started a relationship with Catherine Deneuve, with whom he had a son Christian. Finally, he married Jane Fonda and had a daughter Vanessa with her.
Brigitte married german playboy Gunther Sachs. This marriage was also unhappy.
Although, her relationship with Roger Vadim ended up, she never stopped loving him and she played in his films.
When Brigitte realized, that she's a woman, not a sex-symbol, there was too much lovers, parties and attempted suicides.
Love of her life- Roger Vadim got married again, to Catherine Schneider.
In 1973, in the age of forty, Bardot stopped with films and started with helping animals.
Now she lives surrounded by dogs, cats, goats, horses and donkeys.
Vadim gave her everything from love- fame, money and happiness for a short time, he died in 2000.

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really lovely pics of a true icon! thanks for sharing.

Ninja řekl(a)...

What an awesome blog :D I (like so many other people) LOVE the sixties. I would love to build a imt machine and travel back to experience the thrill of it. TIll then, blogs lik this will do the trick ;)

xxx Irinja (1milliondresses.blogspot.com)