pátek 26. srpna 2011

Keith Richards & Linda Keith

They met when Linda was just seventeen and Keith was in his 20s at on party. She attracted him immediately and they started dating, they lived together quite a long time, but then Linda started using drugs and Keith, who wasn't on drugs then, was against it. So she left him for Jimi Hendrix and went to New York. Keith says, she was the first girl, who has broken his heart. He was very afraid of her, because she was young and she had really big problems with drugs. So he collected every contacts and information and went to her parents and gave it to them. They brought Linda back. And that's the thing, she can't forgive him. Am I the only one who thinks, that he behaved very nicely and bravely ? He saved her life. Without him she would be dead, and although she had later few problems with drugs again, she has a family and still lives a good life.

About Linda, Keith has written beautiful song called Ruby Tuesday.

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amazing pictures, and I really love the song :)

Jazzy E (hivenn) řekl(a)...

Love this post! x hivenn