sobota 2. července 2011

The most beautiful model ever

This my new article is going to deal with Twiggy, the most beautiful model. I love her, she was so another and pretty.     Her haircut..........her figure................her make-up! .......->so cool

So now I'm gonna tell you her story.........
She was born on 19th September 1949 as Lesley Hornby.
She was a normal feautureless skinny girl, who lived in London with her parents of not much hight attitude.
One London Hair studio ordered few photos of her short haircut, so she went to an atelier of photographer Barry Lategan.
It could end up, but Lategan was totally thunderstruck of her photogenic.
Because she was so skinny and twiggy, she started being called Twiggy.
Daily express also noticed her and soon there was an article with her picture and title: The Face of 1966.
She became the first supermodel in the world and the most desired model of 60's.
Twiggy was also a singer and i love her song Beautiful dreams, but her other songs are great as well.
Just in the age  of twenty she ended with modeling ans started to concetrate on designing and her store.
Then she also successfully acted and made some action for animals.
She has one daughter with her first husband, who died of heart attack, now she is married to the actor Leigh Lawson, who has adopted her daughter.
Although she was so much slim, she makes action against anorexia and drastic emaciation.
As she was an icon for millions of girls all over the world in 60's, she is the biggest icon for me now! :)

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