neděle 24. července 2011

The Forever 27 club

Ok guys, I think, all of you know, that Amy Winehouse died yesterday, ....she was 27.
Let´s come 43 years back......

3rd of July 1969...Brian Jones, very talented past member of The Rolling Stones (he left, or rather, was thrown out of the band about two or three months ago), but also a junkie, was found dead in his swimming pool.
Age- 27.

18th of September 1970...Jimi Hendrix, one of the best artists ever, aged 27, found dead.
There are many speculations about his death....drug overdose, asphyxiation from vomit, murder, ...

16 days later- on 4th of October 1970....Janis Joplin, also famous singer, hippie, aged 27, found dead.
The cause of her death- heroin overdose.

3rd of July 1971, exactly 2 years after Brian Jones´ death, .... Jim Morrison, singer of great band The Doors, was found dead in bath of his flat in Paris. Age- 27. .........Jim´s love of life Pamela Courson died 3 years after him of heroin overdose, aged 27

5th of April 1994..... Kurt Cobain, famous artist, member of Nirvana, dead. (He was found on 8th of April)
He was dependant on heroin, his wife Courtney as well.
The Cause of his death also isnť sure...he was shot in his head, he left a letter for his family, but he had a lot of heroin in his body and some people say, that his suicide wasn´t accomplishable and that he was murdered.
Sure is his age.....27.

And yesterday- on 23rd of July 2011......Amy Winehouse, junky singer, found dead. Her Age ? - 27!

When I saw an article about Amy Winehouse´s death, I looked at her age and when I saw she was 27 I became shocked. This isn´t normal! As I saw it I remembered the Forever 27 club- sure you registered age of all these people- 27. I wanted to get more information about it and on Wikipedia I found out, that there´s much more artists, who died in the age of 27. .....What does it mean? Is twenty-seven dangerous, critical age for all famous people ? If you survive the age of twenty-seven as a talented musician and junkie, you survive everything ?

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