čtvrtek 21. července 2011

Let it be

Several days ago I saw the last Beatles movie Let it be and in my opinion it was great. The music was naturally amusing and George was so sweet there, like everywhere :)). The atmosphere was very sad and Paul pontificated everybody, mostly George. But when they sang, it was amazing and i also like the part, where George was playing and singing I me mine and while he was doing that, John and Yoko were dancing waltz, it was nice. The final concert was perfect, but the police should be really ashamed, that they ended up the last live performance of the best band ever-The Beatles!

2 komentáře:

Kaitlyn řekl(a)...

Ah, I love Let It Be! Loads of people dislike it because of the 'fighting', but I like it for the reasons that you said: the dancing, the music, and the rooftop concert. And you like/LOVE the Beatles? Yay, me too!

Nicole řekl(a)...

I love them! :) and thank you for your nice comments :)