čtvrtek 2. června 2011

The wife of two guitar legends

My first article i would like to dedicate to Pattie Boyd- a beautiful model, first wife of my loved George Harrison and former wife of another great guitarist- Eric Clapton.

Pattie Boyd

Pattie in 1966
Patricia Anne Boyd was born on 17th March of 1944 in Great Britain. In 1962 she started modelling. She has two sisters, Jenny and Paula. Jenny is also quite known as a model and as muse of Donovan as well. Jenny Boyd inspired Donovan's song Jennifer juniper, which i like very much and is very popular. It is very nice and there is also a part in French. In 1964 Pattie was chosen for a character of a school girl in the first movie with Beatles- A hard day's night. There she met her love of life- George Harrison. He liked her and asked her to go out, but although she liked him too, she said no, because of her another relationship. Later she broked up with that man and started dating with George. On the 21st of January 1966 they had a wedding. Their first home was Kinfauns, a small bungallow, which they painted on their own. In 1970 they bought a mansion In Henley, Friar park. According to Pattie, the moving into this big house was one of the causes of their disaffection. Another reason was that George prayed all the time and stopped proving love to Pattie. Then she flirted with George's best friend Eric Clapton and he started loving her. The divorce took place in 1977 and just after it, the love affair of Eric and Pattie came into a marriage, which ended in 1989. Pattie has no children. She has written a book called Wonderful Tonight about her relationship with Eric and George and now she is a succesful photographer.

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