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TOP Films ♥

                                                              The Graduate (1967)

This film directed by Mike Nichols won an Oscar for the best direction and 5 Gold Globes. It is best film ever for me. The Music is by Simon&Garfunkel and it is perfect, especially the song called Sound of silence, that's my most favourite song of all.
The plot deals with young man (Dustin Hoffman), who just graduated from an university and came back to his family. Parent make him a party and at this party he meets one of his parents' friends, Mrs.Robinson (Anne Bancroft). She tries to seduce him and the affair starts.The entaglement barises when he meets Mrs.Robinson's daughter Elaine (Katharine Ross) and he falls in love with her.........

A Hard day's night (1964)

This film I love very much. It is the first film with Beatles and I think it is also the best of them. The Beatles is my favourite music band, so the music was totally awesome for me and the film was very funny as well.
The film is about few days of Beatles' life, some scenes are situated in the train, some in the studios and it also shows how they run ahead of crowds of their fans. Pattie Boyd also appeared in this film as a character of a schoolgirl. On shooting of A Hard day's night she met George Harrison and in 1966 they got married.
(some more details about their relationship and divorce are in one of my previous articles, that one is called- The wife of two guitar legends)

                                                                 Love Story (1970)

Another great movie, which deals with realationship of two young people, who met each other on a university. Oliver (Ryan O'Neal) is a rich student, who has a bad relationship with his father, who is never satisfied with him. Jennifer (Ali McGraw) is a poor girl, studying music. They have to face many problems, but when it seems all is good, Oliver clued in that Jenny is dying......

                                                         Rebel without a cause (1955)

Terrific film with James Dean. The main character is a teenage boy Jim (James Dean), ,,who has many discipline problems´´. He suffers from his family, he has a dominant mother and a quite wimpy father. After every little Jim's crime they move away, which he hates. But on that place he meets a gang of people, beautiful girl (Natalie Wood) and he also finds a friend, ........

                                                                           Grease (1978)

Awesome musical movie wages in 50's, which i watch all the time these days :DD. Danny (John Travolta) and Sandy (Olivia Newton John) spent great summer holidays on a beach, but then Sandy had to return to Sydney in Australia. Her parents thought over it and she started attending american hight school Rydell, which Danny attends, .......

                                                                Manhattan (1979)

This is probably my most favourite Woody Allen's film. A forty-two-year-old writer from New York (Woody Allen) had two divorces and now he is going out with a seventeen-year-old schoolgirl (Anne Byrne). His married best friend Yale told him about his girlfriend (Diane Keaton) and they meet........

                                                              12 Angry men (1957)

A council of 12 men has to make a decision about murder of a man. Killed an eighteen-year-old boy his father, or he didn't ? At the beginnig, 11 men say he did and one man (Henry Fonda) says he didn't. The whole film is about persuading other men about his innocence. I like this film very much and I think it was quite timeless, intelligent and quality.

                                                                Clueless (1995)

Now i hate unquality films about nothing, just about girls, their ,,problems´´ , etc..., as are shooted these days, but this film from 1995 is a big exception for me, i like it and i think it has its magic.
It is about a rich fifteen-year-old girl from Beverly Hills Cher Horrowitz (Alicia Silverstone) and about her friends. I like the atmosphere of this film and it is all good :))

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