čtvrtek 16. června 2011

Jack Kerouac...Angel headed hipster by Steve Turner

Few weeks ago I read this awesome bigraphy of this main impersonator of Beat generation, Jack Kerouac. His ancestry reaches to Brittany in France. He was looking for some other information of his family in registers in Paris in his book- Satori in Paris.
This biography deals with his early life, describes his sport successes combinating with head of a poet in his teen age, his drug experiences, friendship and co-operation with other Beat generation authors, especially Neal Cassady and his wife. It also concentrates on his relationship with his mother, with women and on his marriages. His biggest love was a girl from high school, he returned to her few times and he has written a book about her, but he has never been married to her. That book is called Maggie Cassidy
Steve Turner in Jack's biography also explains who were people in his books. Who was Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty in On the road and others. On the road i have also read and i would recommend it, it was terrific and and after reading it I comprehend why it was the main work of Beat generation and why it influenced so many people.

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