neděle 9. října 2011

Tell me about yourself award

Nicole-> has awarded me this award and I'd like to thank her, here 7 things about me and my 15 favourite blogs :)

1. I  love Keith Richards.
2. The book I'm reading now is called On the road by Jack Kerouac, it's one of the best books, I have ever read and I'm reading it for second time. I love beat generation
3. To English, German and Spanish I have added French and since now I have been there twice, on Tuesday is my third lesson- I'm really looking forward, I love this language. :)
4. I do not only love 60's but I even want to return in time to that time and live in the 60's- probably in Britain.
5. One of my future plans is to ride a chopper over America, Easy Rider inspired me :)
6. My favourite foreign movie is The Graduate and my favourite czech movie is Pelíšky (Cosy Deos).
7. In the future I want to live in San Francisco, Paris and Sydney for few months and I want to live in England forever. I'm curious how much will it all change =DD

15 awesome blogs :)

1. -> I really love your style of clothing :)
2. -> You have also very iconic style and thank you for your article about Girl, Interrupted- now it's my favourite movie and I absolutely agree with you about thoughts on cutting hair according to Winonna Ryder as Sussana :)
3. -> one of the best sites ever :)
4. -> you're so educated about the 60s :) thank you for your articles, another great Beatlefan! ;D
5. -> thank you for your lots of lovely comments on my blog, your site is amazing :)
6.  -> your site is filling my computer by great pictures :) 
7. -> the first blog about 60s I have seen and probably the reason I have fallen in love with the 60s :))
8. -> the second blog about 60s I have seen :)
9. -> your outfit is always so perfect :)
10. -> great site, great style and I want your James Dean poster ! :D
11. -> I admire you for having such many books to use only them for sharing and those articles are fab :)
12. -> another great site :)
13. -> Your site has style and thank you for your correction again :)
14. -> Next site, which I viist almost every day and which I love :)
15. -> I don't know if it makes sense, that I award you back, but I love your site and maybe I can know some new information about you by this ;)

                                                 Your Nicole (big Twiggy admirer :D ), with Love :)

9 komentářů:

Michelle Elizabeth řekl(a)...

Thank you so much for thinking of me! You have great 60s inspiration on your blog! Keep up the great work!

A Dandy in Aspic řekl(a)...

Thank You! much appriciated.

Rhiannon řekl(a)...

Thank you so much for calling my blog one of the best sites ever!
It means a lot :)

Love Luna řekl(a)...

Thank You! I love your site too!


ahhh, thank you so much, my dear! love reading all the facts about you and totally agree: the uk is really the place to be :)

Kaitlyn řekl(a)...

AHH thank you! :)

Kaitlyn řekl(a)...

Oh, and I just noticed - you awarded one of my tumblrs too (retrogirlproblems). Thank you, wow! :O

Ninja řekl(a)...

thank you :) I am a huge lover of YOUR blog so I feel pretty special now!
I just thought I'd let you know that my friend just told me that she's gonna go see paul mccartney's concert next month and I'm bursting with jealousy :P

xxx ninja (

Jaggerfan1 řekl(a)...

I'm right there with ya. I would love to return in time to go to the 1960s, most likely I would love to live in 60s Britain. I'm not sure why, but I just would love to. I love everything about the 1960s.