čtvrtek 13. října 2011

An Education.... the story of an English girl in 1961

Jenny was a clever beautiful 17-year-old girl, but had a boring life. She was dreaming about studying at Oxford and then going to Paris, listening to french music, reading books, wearing black and talk with beatniks.
She meets a rich, "handsome" man, about who are her parents absolutely enthusiastic. She starts to going to jazz clubs, auctions, racings, spending time with him and his friends. They even go to Oxford for a weekend but then her 17th birthday are close and she and David are about to have sex on their holiday in her loved Paris. Information about her romance is spreading all over her school and finally she leaves the school and is about to marry David. But on one dinner with her parents and David, she finds out that he's married! Now she hasn't got anything, she isn't going to get married, she hasn't done her final exams, she's not going to Oxford. She tries to get back on her school but her school master refuses. Finally she visits her teacher, who tried to help her many times before and she helps her with Oxford exams. She passes them, go to Oxford and "forgets" of David.

3 komentáře:

Alexis řekl(a)...

this is the perfect movie. i adored it.

viviane / hippiebohoreloaded. řekl(a)...

one of my fave movies. love the story and how she gets rid of this aweful guy to study the subject of her dreams :)

Leticia řekl(a)...

I just loved this movie. Jenny was such a dreamer. wanted a french background, romance. she was hungry for adventure "If you never do anything, you never become anyone". So true. I should re watch soon. peace