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Riders on the storm

The Doors was the most mystical band of the 60's and its beautiful music won't never die.

Jim Morrison (1943- 1971) had always been an intellectual, he loved poetry, art, writing. He was the president of his class. His IQ was 149 and for the Graduation exam, he didn't want car, as other boys, he wanted old records by Nietzsche. He adored him and he adored Rimbaud, Kerouac, Breton, Banuel...
He thought, he would be a writer, sociologist, or dramatist. He had never thought about being a singer.
He attended the UCLA, but he has left it. Then he stayed on the roof and wrote poetry and songs, he had a whole concert in his head. He met Ray Manzarek, friend from UCLA and established a band with him. Jim called this band The Doors, after one verse by William Blake. The group consisted of the singer- Jim Morrison, organist- Ray Manzarek (*1939)....polish boy from Chicago, percussionist- John Densmore (*1944), and guitarist- Robby Krieger (*1946).

Jim Morrison

Robby Krieger

Ray Manzarek
John Densmore
Firstly, they performed in the house on Venice Beach, then in some clubs on Sunset Strip and became famous in a quite short time. Jim was shy  firstly, but then he changed and was thrown out of the club because of the text of The End. However, the producer Paul Rotchild liked them and offered recording of a gramophone record with them. They agreed and few days later, there was their first record with single Light my fire, which was probably their most famous hit of all. They have subjugated whole America, but Jim started having many problems with alcohol, using many drugs and exhibitionism. His erotic gestures took him to the court. They had many problems and were about to break up. Even their producer let them make their record L.A.Woman on their own. Although, they were disintegrating and had to make all things with L.A.Woman on their own, it was great. Great end of their journey.

Jim Morrison

Ray Manzarek
John Desmore

Robby Krieger

Even before The Doors were established, Jim met Pamela Courson (1946- 1974)- his longtime girlfriend and love of his life. They fell in love with each other at the first sight and although, JIm had many lovers, he always returned to Pam. She didn't want him to be a rock'n'roll star and wanted him to be a poet. In 1971 she persuaded him to live in Paris. Wandering through Paris and writing poems wasn't so exciting for him and he continued with drinking alcohol, smoking and using drugs plentiful. He died at 27, probably of heart attack. His tomb is situated on Pere Lachaise, famous parisian cemetery. Pamela passed away three years after him of heroin overdose. 

The discography of The (complete) Doors contains six vinyl records. However the three survivors tried to continue in production, it has never reached any success- without Jim Morrison, it is not The Doors...

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