pátek 25. listopadu 2011

Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow was born on 9th February 1945 as one of 7 children of famous parents- actor John Farrow and actress Maureen O'Sullivan. She had a quite nice childhood in Beverly Hills, but at the age of 9, she got polyomyelitis, like many children in that time. At the age of eighteen she started her acting career. I love Rosemary's baby- famous film, directed by Roman Polanski, who I absolutely adore and in which she acted as the main character Rosemary. In 1969 she played in John and Mary with Dustin Hoffmann, it's a great film as well! She played in really many films during her life, but let's talk about her personal life, which is really interesting and full of children and unsuccesfull relationships.
Her first husband was Frank Sinatra, to who she was married only 2 years and there was a really big age difference. They had no children and they divorced quite well and stayed close friends. Her second husband was André Previn, famous musician, with whom she had 3own children and with whom she has adopted 3 other children, poor ill vietnamese. They divorced in 1979, but stayed good friends as well. Then she met director Woody Allen, with whom she was in relationship until 1991. He was horrible, he was irritable, punctilious and was so scared of illnesses, that he measured his temperature every 2 hours and he was dependent on his terapist. But things went worse..... he hated spending time with her children, althought they needed a father. But then they adopted a small american blonde baby girl, who he loved as nobody other, his love became a little sexually... At the age of six, he sexually abused her partly and Mia also found out, that he has sex with her another adopted daughter Soon-yi. They had a long lawsuit and I think, that he is a sick idiot and she wasted 11 years with him.....

Mia Farrow is my hero, I really adore her, she is beautiful, nice, great mother of 15 children, really helpful person, whose films I watch often and with love =)

                                                            Rosemary's baby (1968)

This famous and really very good film, dierected by Roman Polanski is one my my most favourite films. Young married couple Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse buy a flat in an old house in New York. They know, that few decades ago, there were problems with sorcery, satan processes and ritual murders. Althought this, they like their new living and don't think of that. One day, young woman living at an old married couple Roman and Minnie Castevett, makes a suicide, then this old couple starts meeting Woodshouse. They are too sweet to them and especially Guy loves to meet them. Rosemary and Guy are trying to have a baby and Rosemary becomes pregnant. Additionaly, Guy, not very successful actor, after the first meeting with Castevetts, gets a role in a film, because the actor, who got the role, went blind during one night. Rosemary has big pregnancy aches and she slowly starts to understand, that everybody in her vicinity plotted against her......

pondělí 7. listopadu 2011


1.Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu - 1st May 1967, Las Vegas 

2. George Harrison and Pattie Boyd - 21st January 1966, Surrey

3.Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate - 20th January 1968, London 

4. Keith Richards and Patti Hansen - 18th December 1983, Mexico

                        5. Mick Jagger and Bianca Macias - 12th May 1971, St.Tropez