pondělí 7. listopadu 2011


1.Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu - 1st May 1967, Las Vegas 

2. George Harrison and Pattie Boyd - 21st January 1966, Surrey

3.Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate - 20th January 1968, London 

4. Keith Richards and Patti Hansen - 18th December 1983, Mexico

                        5. Mick Jagger and Bianca Macias - 12th May 1971, St.Tropez

3 komentáře:

Berta řekl(a)...

BIanca and Mick (L) great wedding=)

Ninja řekl(a)...

call me crazy...but this makes me wanna get married!!! :) What great wedding and DRESSES!

Sharon and Roman looked so happy, it's a shame what happened later...

xxx ninja (1milliondresses.blogspot.com)

George Vreeland Hill řekl(a)...

Great photos.
Thank you.

George Vreeland Hill